Aaron Heaps is a certified energy healer using the Emotion Code, which works to remove trapped baggage that causes pain, stress, disease, and more. In addition to clearing trapped emotions, he also works together with his clients to clear the karma associated with those trapped emotions. This work is rooted in love, gratitude, and forgiveness for ourselves and for those connected to the trapped emotion or karma that we are releasing.


Aaron began his own journey when he started seeing  an energy healer almost 20 years ago. He credits it with his health and positivity. Having seen the immense impact it has had on his life, he wanted to share it to help raise the positive vibrations of others.

His spiritual journey involves a holistic approach to medicine, a plant-based diet, yoga, and meditation. He often incorporates these into his sessions as the body and spirit require.

Aaron Heaps is also an actor, singer, dancer in NYC. He has a love for travel and experiencing the beauty of nature and culture both near and far. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and the National Theater Institute.













Session FAQ

How can I book a session?

Fill out the 'Contact' page below with as much detail as possible - what you are looking for/any issues you would like to address, any background with energy healing, and when is best for you to schedule a session. I will get back to you within 24 hours to set up an appointment or discuss my services in more detail.

How long is an appointment?

A standard appointment takes about 25-30 minutes. After that time, the body will need time to process everything we have released.

How can we have our session?

Sessions can be held over the phone, via Skype or FaceTime, or through email by Proxy. If you live in the NYC area, house calls may be available for an additional fee. Please contact me for more details.

How many trapped emotions can we clear in an appointment?

This varies. We are generally able to clear 6-10 trapped emotions along with the karma associated with them per appointment. Although this is entirely up to the body, the size of the energy released, and how much it is ready to let go of safely. Sometimes we are able to get through much more or touch on several different issues in a single session.

What can I expect after our session?

For roughly 48 hours after our session, you will be in the processing phase. I recommend drinking lots of water and eating as healthy as possible during this time. Your body will be processing and clearing the emotions we identified during our session. This commonly results in moodiness. It can also result in some aches and pains, but this all should pass in a day or so. In the rare case it does not, please contact me immediately. Also following our session, you will receive a list of all the trapped emotions and associated karma cleared during our session.

What is energy healing?

Everything in the world is made of energy. And everything vibrates at different frequencies. Shame being the lowest frequency and peace being the highest, just below enlightenment. The goal of energy healing is to rid your body of negative frequencies and energies allowing you to be the most open, loving, happiest, and healthiest you! We attract what we put out into the world, so when we give off positive vibrations we also attract positive things into our lives.

What are trapped emotions?

Trapped emotions are feelings or emotions, big or small, that were never fully processed by the body and became trapped. For example, when we get angry about something and instead of expressing it we hold it inside, it can become trapped. This creates emotional baggage. Trapped emotions can cause everything from tight shoulders to anxiety to illness - it can affect relationships, work, and even our outlook on life. 

What is karma?

Karma is a force, can be good or bad, that is generated based on a person's thoughts and actions. When bad karma has been created with someone it must be 'paid off.' In essence we must right our wrongs. Karma was created in past lifetimes, is created in present lifetimes, and will be created in future lifetimes. Our goal by clearing karma is to be able to clearly focus on learning the lessons we must learn in this lifetime and follow our journey without having to worry about repaying past karma or creating bad karma that will have to be repaid in the future.

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code works to identify and clear trapped emotions, aka emotional baggage. Through muscle testing, we have a 'conversation' with the subconscious mind to identify the trapped emotion, the age it was trapped, and the person or event that caused the emotion to be trapped. By doing so, the trapped emotion is brought into your consciousness where it can be processed and removed. We can go into as much or little detail as is comfortable.

What is a Heart Wall?

The Heart Wall is an energetic wall made of trapped emotions that has been created to "protect" the heart. Although this sounds great, it is actually negatively affecting our lives. It blocks the amount of love we are able to give and receive, it affects how we are able to connect with others, and hinders our self-confidence and self-worth. This hurts both our personal and professional lives. This is removed like any other trapped emotion, but is simply something we would focus on in our session. It often takes several sessions for the body to fully release the many layers of protective energy around the heart.

Will clearing karma help me find my journey/purpose?

Clearing your karma will clear the clutter preventing you from discovering and living your truth. By doing energy healing in this way, we are able to reconnect to our spirit guides who are constantly sending us messages to helps us on our journey and helping us to learn the lessons we are supposed to learn in this life. Each souls journey is very personal, so I will not be able to reveal your journey to you, but I am here to help you along the path.

Recommended Reading:

Journey of Souls - Michael Newton

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Soul Speak - Julia Cannon

The Three Waves of Volunteers - Dolores Cannon

Additional Books by Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton

Any other questions or comments? Please contact me and let's have a chat :)


Aaron J Heaps




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