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What is meditation?

Meditation at its core is mindfulness and presence. Practicing quieting of the mind and just being. 

What is Primoridal Sound Meditation?

Primoridal Sound Meditation is a mantra meditation that uses the sound of the universe at the time of birth to reconnect us to the space of infinite possibilities and the non-local.

How do I meditate?

Meditation looks different from person to person and day to day. There is not one right way to meditate. The most common is to sit upright with legs crossed and eyes closed. During this time, the meditator will practice quieting the mind, letting the thoughts that arise pass, and accessing the space between thoughts or the space of infinite possibilities. 

How will Meditation benefit me?

Mind - Less stress, anxiety, depression; greater creativity; more open; increased emotional regulation; greater concentration; increased feelings of meaning and purpose.

Body - Decrease stress-induced inflammation levels; increased longevity and health; Increased homeostasis (self-healing system)


Different Types of Meditation

Active Meditation (Reflection, Contemplation, Prayer, Mindful Movement, Guided Meditation)

Inner Silence Meditation (Breath Meditation, Focus Meditation, Mantra Meditation)

What can I expect from Primordial Sound Meditation Course?

Through the course, we will discuss the basics of meditation and what makes Primordial Sound Meditation one of my favorite forms of meditation. We will learn our individual Primordial Sounds and how to use it in meditation. We will go through the benefits of meditation as well as the states of consciousness. We will go through the eight limbs of yoga and explore different mantras and Laws of the Universe. 

What can I expect from a Meditation Coaching Session?

There are many, many ways to meditate and be mindful. Meeting you where you are on your meditation journey is key to establishing a consistent practice. We will discuss what your current practices are, what works for you, what has been a struggle in the past, and were you want to be. We will slowly begin the journey of exploring different types of meditation (mantra, silent, focus, guided, etc.) and see what resonates with you. After all, the "right" way to meditate is whatever is right for you. Sessions can consist of coaching you through your meditation process or leading you in meditation or a combination. Meditation has changed my life, and so I am here to support you on your journey into your own meditation practice. 

Meditation Anchor
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