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Mind-body-spirit wellness coaching

Change Back Attack/Negativity Bias


Is it good or bad?


Small Steps lead to Lasting Change


For years, I suffered with anxiety without realizing it. It wasn't until I left a job that was a major cause of my anxiety and I felt this peace and tranquility that I realized how much anxiety and stress was controlling my life. I vowed to never let myself return to that place of extreme anxiety again. It is now my mission to help others release the pressure and find freedom from their overactive minds. 

Let's work together to get to the root of your anxiety. By shining a light on it, we can start to loosen its grip and give you back the control. After completing a personalized assessment, we will set up a plan to focus on your individual needs. Some focal points include an exploration of identity, purpose, belief systems, repeating cycles, the role of the ego, shadow work, social perceptions and pressures, and intention/goals. It could also include yoga, meditation, nutrition, Ayurveda dosha balancing, and Emotion Code Energy Healing (which works to process and release trapped emotions [aka emotional baggage]).

Awareness is our greatest gift. We will work together to raise awareness about how thoughts, actions, beliefs,  and reactions truly impact us and hold us back. These thoughts and cycles lead to overthinking and anxiety. The first step to release the grip the anxiety holds over us is to recognize where it comes from and pinpoint the root beliefs that lead to it. 

Let's start moving out of the overactive mind and into the body. 

When is the last time you felt a decision rather than spent time and energy overthinking it?

Chopra Wellness Coaching is rooted into four key cornerstones -

Purpose: "Who am I?" - "What is my purpose?" - "What are my values?"


Intention: "What do I want?" - "How do I get there?"


Meaning: "How are my beliefs limiting my potential?" - "What is the meaning I make of the world around me?" - "Is my perspective in line with my purpose and intention?" - "Is this belief serving me?"


 Shadow: "What is holding me back?" - "Am I fully embracing all that I am or is there a part of me I am keeping hidden?" - "Do others trigger me?" - "What are my judgements of myself and others?"

Coaching is all about bringing awareness to the obstacles holding you back and keeping you from being who you want to be or achieving what you want to achieve. By exploring purpose, intention, meaning making, and shadow work, we will begin to identify and better understand those obstacles. This could be a part of you that you do not want to acknowledge that needs to be embraced. Or a belief system that has protected you in the past, but is no longer serving you and needs to be replaced with a new, more true belief system.



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"Aaron has an incredible ability to create a strong and malleable space — one where there's room for silence, laughter, deep breaths, and "I don't know." He is able to listen, question, and answer with clarity and kindness. Working with Aaron was full of joy, even when discussing challenging realizations or difficult thought systems. If you're able, I strongly recommend working with Aaron — even for one session."

"Aaron created such a warm and safe space for me. With his compassion and intuition, he not only guided me towards some pretty incredible discoveries but helped me see that I instinctively knew the answers all along. I am so excited to play and create more magic in the world because of him. Thank you Aaron, for allowing me to be exactly who I am, and leading me to thrive in that." 

"Before beginning my coaching with Aaron, I was in a dark place and really struggling to find joy and purpose in my life and I felt unable to make/feel any real positive change. Working with Aaron has been life-changing and he feels like an angel in my life. I left each season feeling grounded, safe, and filled with gratitude for life. Aaron is so patient, warm, and open; when sharing his wisdom or reacting to my experiences, I never felt judged but instead like my thinking was being expanded and challenged in beautiful ways. Especially as a fellow artist, the way Aaron approaches life is so inspiring, and I know I will carry all I’ve learned with me for a lifetime."



  • Available Online


    15 min

  • Available Online

    (8) Coaching Session Package Sliding Scale: $400-$550 [$50-75/Session]

    1 hr

  • Available Online

    (6) Coaching Session Package Sliding Scale: $300-$450 [$50-75/Session]

    45 min

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